Does Putnam County offer online searching?

Putnam County is pleased to offer many of our records online. Indexes are available for all to view on our web site. Access to view the images online require an Online Subscriber Form to be submitted, which you may find on our website. There is no fee for this access. Putnam County currently has their recorded documents indexed on the computer beginning January 1, 1993.

What are the fees to record a document?

Links for Fee Schedule and Fee Calculator

Who should a check be made payable to for services requested?

Please make checks payable to: Putnam County Recorder, Lori Rayle

Dose the Putnam County Recorder maintain tract (geographical) indexing?

Yes,Putnam County maintains tract (geographical) indexing.

Does the Putnam County Recorder require a full legal description?

Putnam County requires full legal descriptions.

How long does it take to get a document recorded and returned?

Documents recorded at the counter are returned immediately after recording. Documents delivered by mail services are sent out the next business day. Documents that are e-recorded are returned immediately after recording.

Does the Putnam County Recorder require a legal description with a release or assignments

Yes, Putnam County requires full legal descriptions for releases and assignments.

Does Putnam County require a fee for marginal notations?

Yes, Putnam County Recorder requires a $4.00 fee for each marginal notation.

My Mortgage has been released; will you send me the deed?

The Putnam County Recorder will record the document and return it to the person that has submitted it for recording. It is the submitter’s responsibility to return the document to the owner. All records in the Recorder’s office are Public Record. You may request a copy of any document during regular business hours.

How do I obtain a copy of my Military Service discharge- DD214?

Link to Military Discharge Records